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A Smart Biosensors Company

Caregiving Reimagined

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We are parents, sons, daughters, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, scientists & designers who joined forces to make caregiving for all stages of life fabulously better.

As the world’s population grows, both with the young and old, coupled with the rise in health care costs, we deeply believe in innovating technology to help everyone have access to devices which will help them monitor their own wellness. In order for us to address this challenge, and knowing the complexity of the human body, we knew we had to innovate as well as combine many different disciplines.


Over the last 2 years our team has been developing breakthrough contact-less bio-sensing technology with significant potential in numerous health and wellness applications.

We are now extremely proud to present our first product: Butterfly — The Child Wellness Monitor. Butterfly is the world’s only wearable child wellness monitor that provides actionable insights to parents by automatically tracking their child’s vitals, sleep, feeding, diaper and activities.

Our Technology

The human body releases very tiny signals that indicate how it’s doing. Some of them are easily detectable, while others are much more difficult to sense. Typically the harder the signals are to sense, the more information they reveal. These signals come in many forms such as temperature, vibrations and tiny electric waves.

For example, when you get sick your temperature rises and thermometers help you measure this signal. Signals also react differently when they interact with their environment or other similar signals. For example, during a physical checkup a nurse will measure your heart rate by detecting how light interacts with your skin using a pulse oximeter on your finger. Similarly, Butterfly uses multiple micro-powered sensors to detect these tiny signals and interactions. Once this information is captured complex software is then used to interpret its meanings.

In order to ensure accurate results and eliminate false alarms, Butterfly utilizes multiple sensors and cross checks their results against each other.

Leadership Team

Sameh Sarhan

Co-Founder & CEO

Sameh has over 20 years of business development, marketing and technology experience. Track record of taking ideas from concept to production.

5 Children

David Van Valen, MD, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

David is also a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford. David holds a BS in Math and Physics from MIT, PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech and MD from UCLA.


Iman Sadreddin

Co-Founder & CIO

A serial entrepreneur with multiple exits in commerce and big data. Iman holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from USF.

3 Children

Larry Zuckerman

VP Hardware Engineering

Larry has over 40 years of experience in system architecture and circuit design. He currently holds 16 US patents, including in heart defects detection.

3 Children

Mariano Ferrario

UX Leader & Strategist

UX leader with over 10 years of experience working with leading brands (Diapers. com, The North Face). MIMS from UC Berkeley.

1 Child

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